Transitional Living

UMCH Transitional Living Program - Headland, Mobile & Tuscaloosa, AL

Many children who are old enough to leave group homes or foster care may have minimal, if any, support from their natural families. Consequently they can find themselves unprepared for the pressures and responsibilities of adult life.

Through our Transitional Living Program, the Children’s Home continues in its role as a surrogate family, providing financial assistance as well as guidance to young adults who are trying to create a life plan. The goal of the program is to teach them the skills that they need to live successfully on their own.

The program provides an opportunity for our youth to practice independent living skills in an apartment setting. Before moving into transitional living, a resident must have completed specific instruction in budgeting, seeking and maintaining employment, household management, problem solving approaches, and relationship skills. Each resident must also demonstrate an acceptable level of maturity and growth, defined reasonable goals for independence, demonstrate an appropriate level of responsibility, and consistently exhibit positive behaviors.

Residents in this program establish checking accounts, buy their own food, prepare meals, and make arrangements for their own transportation. Each resident must work full- or part-time in addition to attending college or vocational school. He or she is responsible for paying rent and utilities, cable, and telephone bills. No alcohol, tobacco, or drugs are allowed on the premises. Residents are required to meet with staff on a weekly basis to review plans and progress.

Young adults between the age of 17 and 21 who have completed high school or received a GED are eligible. High school seniors who are beginning their second semester may be considered.


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