Family Preservation

FOCUS: Family Preservation - Alabama & West Florida

Our guiding philosophy is that it is usually best for children to be able to stay with their own families, and for families to learn how to handle their own challenges in a healthy, loving way. While the FOCUS program is not a cure for the struggles of family life, it is a successful program that teaches, challenges, and helps families to learn the skills they need to stay together and help each other grow successfully.

FOCUS is an intensive in-home intervention program. For a period of three months, our skilled and highly-qualified staff helps alleviate conditions within the home where removal of children from the home is imminent. The program also provides services in situations where children have been removed from their homes and where ultimate reunification with parents or other relatives is desired.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to preserve and reunify families while ensuring the safety of children and helping families to learn new skills that will help them stay together. Our FOCUS program has a 95-98% proven success rate.

Dothan: email: phone: 334.702.9154

Andalusia: email: phone: 334.714.0058

Crestview: email: phone: 850.826.8347