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Welcome Tracey Williams

Welcome a new member to our Executive Team here at UMCH: Tracey Williams, Executive Director of NW Florida Ministries.

Not only is Tracey new to UMCH, her position is new as well. We have never had a full-time staff presence to work with our donors, churches, pastors, advocates, and volunteers in Florida.

If you use Social Media, please consider "Liking" and "Sharing" our new Facebook page for Northwest Florida programs. We will still have our original Facebook Page for UMCH AL, howerver, UMCH FL will now have their own regional page to better connect with their Florida constituents.

Trace can be reached at (850) 240-6234 or tracey.williams@umch.net. Please give her a warm welcome!

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Florida Staff

all emails are first.last@umch.net for example rebecca.morris@umch.net

Executive Team

K. Blake Horne, Ph. D.


Tracey Williams

Executive Director UMCH Northwest Florida Ministries

Rebecca Morris

VP of External Affairs

Leadership Team

Janet Rawls

South Regional Director
Joanie Busbin

Joanie Busbin

Director of Human Resources

Managers Team

Abbi Dubose

Gulf Coast Group Home Program Manager

Charlotte Thomas

West Florida Foster Care Program Manager

Mae Knox

Crestview Teen Center Program Manager/FL FOCUS Manager